Training Information

img_9911The club meets twice a week for training during the winter months with extra sessions when nights are lighter. The training is scaled so that no one is put under pressure at the start of their canoeing experience. If you want to compete or just take part in a race these are in divisions so the slower paddlers start in their own ability group. Many paddlers aim to progress through the ranks, but some stay in the lower divisions to just enjoy the friendliness, and atmosphere of the race meetings. The sport has lower impact on the body than other sports but still provides the same levels of fitness and weight loss if that is what you are looking for. As with all sports you get out what you put in, talk to one of the coaches if you have a target and theyracing will help you to achieve it. Training is split into abilities and age groups with the juniors 9-18 years in their own group, and two groups of seniors, the lower divisions and beginners paddling together, and the higher divisions forming another group. Training includes: • Skills training, forward paddling etc • Speed training • Stamina training • Race Training All these are pitched at a level to suit the paddler. If you require more details see the contacts page.