Wednesday & Weekend Training 8/9 Sep

Hi, no water Wednesday in the park there may be a chance to get on at Malpas at 5pm if any DIVISIONAL paddlers are interested. Please let me know. Low tide is at 8.00pm so not ideal.

Saturday is 4.15pm in the park for lightenings and beginner’s. 4.45pm divisional paddlers.

Beginner’s can you please let me know if you are able to attend and I will try to borrow some stable boats for you.

Sunday event “Truro Day” means we can’t get anywhere near the park so I will try to find an alternative if anyone is interested?


Winter Time Trial

Truro Canoe Club Winter Time Trial series dates are as follows:

Nov 4th,

Dec 2nd,

Jan 13th

and Feb 17th

We will be putting out a list of bankside tasks shortly so if any parents/partners/non-paddlers could volunteer that would be gratefully received. The plan is to book the Scout hut so that we have toilets, hotdrinks and somewhere to change away from the cold or you can brave the carpark. Watch this space for up-dates.

Training Sat 1/Sun 2

Hello Chaps & Chapesses, weekend tides are 9.15am and 10.00 ish respectively.

There is no trailer as Matt, Steve, Peter and I are all unavailable, at Sprints etc. I do know that a few are going down for a paddle so if you want some company get your backside out of bed and have a jolly good time. See Yawl next week!! Hopefully with medals …Oscar, Joe and Ed….no pressure guys but put Truro on the map.