British Canoeing Membership

Have you thought about British Canoeing Membership?british-canoeing

Being a member of British Canoeing, you will not only get great value membership, you help guarantee the future for our fantastic sport! Our members support the work of British Canoeing and the more members we have, the stronger our voice.

With the waterways license included in your membership you can explore the many kilometers of the UK waterways. Plus you’ll be supporting the valuable work of the waterways authorities to maintain the waterways network.

The public liability insurance included within membership provides worldwide cover for all your canoeing and kayaking both at home and abroad, whether recreational or competitive, providing peace of mind when you’ll need to most.

Not only this, members can access exclusive rates on boat insurance and discounts with partners, along with news, advice and access to courses and competitions.

If you name Truro Canoe Club on your application form, the club can receive commission for every new recruit. 

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