Tamar Hasler

Hi All,

We will be taking entries this weekend for the Tamar race on the 20th may at Calstock.

If you are interested then please let us know and we will get your name down. £10 for all divisional paddlers and £5 for lightnings.

Truro Canoe Club 10kms time trial

Councillor Loic Rich joined over 50 kayaking enthusiasts for Truro Canoe Club’s time trial event on Sunday 26th November 2017.  Loic, a watersports enthusiast but a lapsed kayaker, completed the 10km route in a double kayak with Bill Sharpe in 1hr 12mins.

20171126-Loic Rich and Bill Sharpe.jpg

Loic said:

‘I was impressed by the speed of the more experienced kayakers.   The mass start was really exciting with kayaks accelerating away to take the lead position.  The junior paddlers were fantastic showing skill and determination from start to finish.’

‘Kayaking, as well as walking and cycling, is one of the activities I hope will benefit from the exciting ‘Truro Loops’ project which will be launched in Truro City Hall on Wednesday 29th November.  I’m very keen to support this initiative and would encourage as many people as possible to come and find out about our proposals and give us their thoughts.’

Truro Canoe Club concentrates on kayak racing although many of its members take part in other disciplines.  It operates from Boscawen Park with sessions on Saturday and Sunday throughout the year, and additional sessions on Wednesday in the warmer months.  Further information is available at: https://trurocanoeclub.wordpress.com/

Camel Race 27th August.

Please be at Wadebridge for 9 o’clock on Sunday, we have 8 lightnings competing and they take time to get ready, but not as long as the adults so if we can get the older ones out of the way the lightnings can just get on with it.
Again div 6 and above you have to wear spray decks I will bring some spares. I will be in the rec ground car park with the trailer which is a short walk from the main car park.

Fal Hasler 2017.

Thank you to John May for running the Fal race today. Another success and very efficiently run. For those who don’t know John has been running the Fal race since before digital watches, probably before watches, certainly a long time. Every year with John working away with pen and paper there has never been a mistake in placings or times. Unfortunately John has decided that this will be his last race for the club and it will be picked up by someone else next year. I would just like again to thank John for all the hard work he has put in to the club and he is the reason it is so successful today.