Have a go!

Thank you for visiting the Truro Canoe Club stand at the Truro Childrens’ Day on Sat 13 Apr 19 and for leaving your contact details. We were delighted to meet so many enthusiastic new kayakers

If you have not received an email with details of when you can have-a-go with the club, please contact the club at trurocanoeclub@outlook.com

Many thanks

Winter Time Trial

Truro Canoe Club Winter Time Trial series dates are as follows:

Nov 4th,

Dec 2nd,

Jan 13th

and Feb 17th

We will be putting out a list of bankside tasks shortly so if any parents/partners/non-paddlers could volunteer that would be gratefully received. The plan is to book the Scout hut so that we have toilets, hotdrinks and somewhere to change away from the cold or you can brave the carpark. Watch this space for up-dates.

Tamar Hasler

Hi All,

We will be taking entries this weekend for the Tamar race on the 20th may at Calstock.

If you are interested then please let us know and we will get your name down. £10 for all divisional paddlers and £5 for lightnings.