Boat Storage Help.

Hi all, while we wait for the shed to be done I would like to build a temporary shelter in our field for the trailer and boats as the current tarpaulin system to keep the rain out is difficult to put on and is not terribly successful at keeping rain off. So if anyone has access to cheap or used building materials, timber or metal posts, timber framing, sheet steel, sheet plastic or heavyweight tarpaulin/truck side curtains or old farm building materials, that would be great and we can start making a collection.

Many thanks.

Training Wed 22nd Aug

Hi all, I will be taking the trailer to the park at 3.30pm for a lightenings session and 4pm others it is a very low high tide so it will be a short but intense session. I am not yet on the water but will be bankside coach, so any on water assistants greatly appreciated otherwise Oscar will have a lot to do.