Time Trial update

Good morning all, currently the wind speed for Sunday is 26mph with gusts at 43mph which will be too high to run the Time Trial. We will continue to monitor the situation and update on the status Friday evening/Saturday morning

AGM Saturday 12 October

AGM Saturday 12 October 6 pm Boscawen Park scout hall.

Dear Members

Please come along to the AGM next Saturday and have a say in the running of the club. It is open to everyone, regardless of how long or short a time you have been with us. It is also a social opportunity to meet other club members, and celebrate this year’s individual and club achievements.

We will share updates on the boat store project, on getting funding for new boats, on our hopes to gain better access to the river, as well as share the (mostly very brief) annual reports from the committee and re-elect to these roles. We do have an important decision to make on the subscription and fees structure for the coming year and an options document for this will be sent out later this week.

We have a bring and share buffet after the meeting. Can those bringing things post in the comments so we don’t all bring the same?

Kind regards


The Month Ahead

Times are On The Water.
Please BOOK boats day before, especially if lightening or beginner’s.
Beginner’s on Saturdays only please until further notice.
Thurs 22nd just possible in off pontoon. All 6.30pm.
Sat 24th 11am lightenings & beginner’s 11.30am divs.(no Gary)
Sun 25th 12.00 divs only.(no Gary)
Tues 27th 5.30pm 8+milers falling tide.(no Gary)
Thurs 29th 9:30am lightenings 10am divs.
SAT 31st Sprint Regatta Nottingham w/e (no Gary) 8.00am lights and beginner’s 8.30am divs. Or ???????6pm and 6.30pm respectively TBC
Sun 1st divs only 8.30am outgoing tide. Or ????????? 7pm incoming (no Gary) TBC
Tues 3rd 8 milers + 6.30pm
Thurs 5th 7pm may just be possible in off pontoon. Be prepared to wait for tide to come in.
Sat 7th 11am lightenings and beginner’s 11.30am divs
Sun 8th 1.00pm divs only.
Tues 10th 8+ 6pm
Thurs 12th 6pm lightenings 6.30pm divs
Sat 14th 4pm lightenings and beginner’s 4.30pm divs. Prep for Glos Hasler.
Sun 15th Gloucester Hasler.
Tues 17th 6.30pm. 8+ milers.
Thurs 19th in off pontoon 6.30pm lightenings 7pm divs.