The Month Ahead

Times are On The Water.
Please BOOK boats day before, especially if lightening or beginner’s.
Beginner’s on Saturdays only please until further notice.
Thurs 22nd just possible in off pontoon. All 6.30pm.
Sat 24th 11am lightenings & beginner’s 11.30am divs.(no Gary)
Sun 25th 12.00 divs only.(no Gary)
Tues 27th 5.30pm 8+milers falling tide.(no Gary)
Thurs 29th 9:30am lightenings 10am divs.
SAT 31st Sprint Regatta Nottingham w/e (no Gary) 8.00am lights and beginner’s 8.30am divs. Or ???????6pm and 6.30pm respectively TBC
Sun 1st divs only 8.30am outgoing tide. Or ????????? 7pm incoming (no Gary) TBC
Tues 3rd 8 milers + 6.30pm
Thurs 5th 7pm may just be possible in off pontoon. Be prepared to wait for tide to come in.
Sat 7th 11am lightenings and beginner’s 11.30am divs
Sun 8th 1.00pm divs only.
Tues 10th 8+ 6pm
Thurs 12th 6pm lightenings 6.30pm divs
Sat 14th 4pm lightenings and beginner’s 4.30pm divs. Prep for Glos Hasler.
Sun 15th Gloucester Hasler.
Tues 17th 6.30pm. 8+ milers.
Thurs 19th in off pontoon 6.30pm lightenings 7pm divs.

Have a go!

Thank you for visiting the Truro Canoe Club stand at the Truro Childrens’ Day on Sat 13 Apr 19 and for leaving your contact details. We were delighted to meet so many enthusiastic new kayakers

If you have not received an email with details of when you can have-a-go with the club, please contact the club at

Many thanks

Training for the month ahead

Hi all, Gary has kindly worked out some times for the month ahead to help with planning training time, details as follows;

Sat 20th 8am All
Sun 21st 8.30am divs.
Wed 24th 6pm lights 6.30pm divs.
Sat 27th tide at 12.00 Gary at sprints
Sun 28th tide 1.20pm Gary at Sprints
Wed 1st 4.30pm lights 5pm divs
Sat Star wars day; 4th 5pm Lights 5.30pm divs
Sun 5th S.W. SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIP or for those not going 5.30pm at Boscowen.
Wed 8th 6pm lights 6.30pm divs.
Sat 11th 9.45am Lights 10.15am divs.
Wed 15th 4.30pm lights 5pm divs
Sat 18th 5pm lights 5.30pm divs
Sun 19th 6pm divs.



Training Sat 19 Sun 20 Jan

Evening all, Saturday training everyone 3pm
Lightning’s and beginners on the water for 3
Divisional paddlers bring trainers, land work then on the water (therefore get boats ready first so we can get on quickly)
Hopefully not as windy 🌬 💨 as last week!

Please note Gary’s recent post and let him know of any boat requirements in advance

Sunday is the Fowey Blackpool pit hare and hound so no club training