Saturday & Sunday training 22/23 Sept

Hi fellow boaters,

thanks to all the guinea pigs who turned up for last nights fitness session….excellent effort by all.

SATURDAY beginners and lightenings at 4.15pm please divisionals at 4.45pm.

SUNDAY 4.45pm divisionals only.

Last race before winter in a few short weeks at Fowey on 21st Oct so we could do with all hands on deck for that one. 😊

Please note this weekend is subject to wind conditions and we may have to adjust accordingly

Cheers Gary and Mat

Wednesday & Weekend Training 8/9 Sep

Hi, no water Wednesday in the park there may be a chance to get on at Malpas at 5pm if any DIVISIONAL paddlers are interested. Please let me know. Low tide is at 8.00pm so not ideal.

Saturday is 4.15pm in the park for lightenings and beginner’s. 4.45pm divisional paddlers.

Beginner’s can you please let me know if you are able to attend and I will try to borrow some stable boats for you.

Sunday event “Truro Day” means we can’t get anywhere near the park so I will try to find an alternative if anyone is interested?